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Professional help and support to educational professionals

In these few years since the Center "Bistrić" has been founded, there have been a lot of seminars and workshops in several cities in Croatia and Slovenia. These seminars and workshops meet the requirements of educational professionals (educators, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, headmasters) for mastering the theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of the gifted education.

More photos from the professional seminars & conferences you can see here.

Professional seminar in Slovenia (organized by Bistrić & Department for schooling in Maribor, Slovenia)

In 2005. Center "Bistrić" organize, with support of Croatian Psychlogical Council, professional seminar for the educational psychologist in primary schools under the title "Extra- curricular enriched program for the gifted from 1- 4 grade". Photos from seminar you can see HERE.

In 2005. we have been invited in British Council in Zagreb to represent our programs to the teachers from G.B. who visited Croatia and to take part in professional seminar hold by dr. David George, expert for gifted education. Our visepresident Jasna Cvetković Lay represent how she put in practice the experiances from her professional visit to british educational institutions in 1995. during last ten years trough programs of Center "Bistrić".

Photos from B.C: you can see HERE.

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